Carol Sachs Art Matters

RECLINING NUDE WITH CLOTH  60 x 87 cm                                                                                     Charcoal on cartridge paper                                               

RECLINING  NUDE WITH BOOK   60 x 87 cm      SOLD                                               Charcoal on cartridge paper 

Twinned Nude  i  60 x 47 cm           same model   2 poses charcoal & conti on cartridge paper

Twinned Nude iii  60 x 42 cm             same model 2 poses charcoal on cartridge paper  unframed

TWINNED NUDE   iv   98 x 60 cm

charcoal and conti on paper                                                                            

OVOID NUDE 60 x 42 cm charcoal on paper


Twinned Nude ii  60 x 42 cm           same model  2 poses   charcoal on cartridge paper

Single nude  60 x 42 cm   charcoal  on paper  unframed

YIN YANG  90 x 60 cm charcoal & conti on paper

NUDE HOLDING BALL      x   cm          charcoal on paper

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