Carol Sachs Art Matters


2008 VERNISSAGE I  -  PLETTENBERG BAY  Life drawing Group exhibition

2008  STUDENT Exibition - PORT ELIZABETH  Group exhibition students of Dr Greg Kerr

2009  VERNISSAGE II - PLETTENBERG BAY Life drawing Group Exibition

2011 VERNISSAGE III - PLETTENBERG BAY Life drawing Group Exhibition

2011 EXPOSED  - KNYSNA - Exhibited together with Ingrid Coerlin life drawing and painting on canvas, board and paper

EXPOSED    An exhibition of life drawings by Carol Sachs and Ingrid Coerlin.

 A bold and interesting Exhibition Of Life Drawings And Paintings was prompted by the recent Pink Loerie Festival and heralds the introduction to Knysna of two artists with works dedicated to the female body.  The exhibition, comprising a wide range of works by Ingrid Coerlin and Carol Sachs was held in the Creating Waves Studio, in Memorial Square, Knysna, a new, sympathetic and appropriate venue.

 Ingrid’s work is bold and exploratory - though she includes one work in the style of an early Picasso showing her range of talent with more traditional technique and control. This is her first exhibition and her work consists mostly of fluid and loose compositions which show interesting experimentation, skilful control and individual vision in a variety of mediums including collage, on canvas or paper. She is an artist who makes a strong impression and is to be watched.

Carol Sachs, lives in Plettenburg Bay. She started her art training at school studying ceramics but has been doing life drawing for about 4 years, achieving an impact of fleshly substance in her life studies. These are mostly of women who are, she says, more readily available as models!   Her works are confident, some sophisticated even, making it seem that she has in fact been exploring and developing this subject and style for much longer.

 There is an intensity of purpose in Carol’s drawing. Some of her figures have an edgy, ironic energy and she obviously takes delight in caricaturing the female form.  Yet the studies are earthy, real and very human while exuding a robust Rabelaisian humour with a healthy enjoyment of the human body in all its beauty and absurdity,

 Nude on a Red Cushion in pastel on paper typifies her good eye for composition and line. I enjoyed the humour of Trio con brio (Acrylic and pastel on canvas). Carol seems to have the same freedom and control in whichever medium she chooses - The Pensive Nude in a Landscape is a fairly traditional pose executed mainly in charcoal which I found particularly evocative. A number of her works are available very reasonably, as giclée prints.

Space prohibits a more detailed description of her works but the variety, honesty and professionalism of Carol Sach’s work is beyond question, and deserves a larger audience. I look forward to future exhibitions of her work.

 Gillian Carter  Art Critic  Knysna Plett Herald                                                                   3 May 2011


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