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Drawing the Human figure

June 14, 2016

Why is the human figure an eternal subject ?   Human physicality – fragility, strength, movement, beauty and our amazing capacity to experience the world around us using our senses has something to do with it.   An even stronger motivation is self examination.  We are fascinated by our own species, we like to watch others and contemplate the meaning of life ( of others and our own)

The artist experiences the sensations of working directly from a model – unclothed images of the figure have a timeless quality about them.  The clothed figure can add mystery and distortion through the character and form of the clothing; pattern and abstraction are available for the re-invention of the form of the body, leaving the attention and focus for the head, hands and feet.  quote Emily Ball


Vernissage iv

April 30, 2012
I recently participated in our Life Drawing Groups annual exhibition - Vernissage iv in Plettenberg Bay South Africa.
The opening on 29th March 2012 was a wonderful vibrant event where Margurite Stevens opened and their was music and entertainment that could hardly be heard above the hub-bub of the crowd attending.  Wine and pizza flowed and several works sold on the 1st night. My work " the Beginning or the End " created quite some interest.

It was with deep sadness that we took everything dow...

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Exhibition Aftermath

June 21, 2011
end May 2011  PESSKI  -  Post Exhibition Stress Syndrome Kicking In ...So it turned out that possibly / probably the Southern Cape is not the ideal 'audience' for our work ...   We had hoped that we would have quite a bit of 'traffic' from the Pink Loerie Mardi Gras, but sadly not.  I now have a better understanding that they all like to meet in Knysna once a year and party together.  Apart from our friends and fellow artists who faithfully came to view our exhibition, the passers-by would of...
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My first almost solo exhibition

April 29, 2011
Well it is the end of day 3 of 7 the my life drawing exhibition titled EXPOSED.  I invited my friend Ingrid Coerlin to share the space with me and we are working really well together - Shoni's little gallery is just right for a first exhib for us and looks really great - thanks to son Greg and daughter-in-law Kath for doing the hanging.  we opened on wed 26th April and run till 3 May. 
I had had this inspiration of having an exhibition during the Pink Loerie Mardi Gras festival as I thought t...
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