Carol Sachs Art Matters  My work is a documentation of my journey of  discovery and  exploration of myself through various media ... constantly  planting new seeds and wondering what will emerge... where...  -  a journey of courage, trust, and grace .   Exciting and terrifying simultaneously. k


Nude in a landscape

Nude in a Landscape - collage

Carol's fresh, intuitive approach to her art makes for a extraordinary body of work in diverse media and format

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ABOUT THE ARTIST  The artwork of Carol Sachs  is unfettered  by the norms  and  conventions of traditional art school.  

Here, exaggerated  form,  surreal  perspective &  abstract insights are brought to life in vivid pastel, oils, acrylic, charcoal, mixed media.   Memorable images engage the mind & invite your interaction.

" There is an intensity of purpose in Carol’s drawing. Many of her figures have an edgy, ironic energy and she obviously takes delight in caricaturing the female form.  Carol seems to have the same freedom and control in whichever medium she chooses.  The figure studies are earthy, real and very human.   Her work exudes a robust Rabelaisian humour with a healthy enjoyment of the human body in all its beauty and absurdity "    

Gillian Carter   Knysna-Plett Herald

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